Synopsis of Life ahead!

To all single people out there, who aren’t willing to get married anytime soon or who aren’t willing to marry at all. Please go ahead and read this blog with open mind and give things a thought (I think all the mummy’s will love me for this!*wink* Just kidding!)  

I know what you all would be thinking, “Ghar wale gyan kum dete hai kya jo ab blogs par bhi yahi padhe!!” If you are reading this still, trust me I have done enormous amount of R&D about what I am writing and therefore willing to share with you all, believe me when I say “We won’t be prepared until the very last moment” Yes!! Shocker!! but true!! 

Other set of Q&A we play in our head is Why to get married yaar! Abhi toh we have time, we need to live a little for self! we need to settle in life! we need to do this and that!!etc. etc. *News Flash* WE ARE RUNNING FROM IT!!

What exactly is meant by “need time”? This simply states YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!! Admit it, you are scared as hell!! But is it worth wasting all the time being scared without giving it try?? Or the only other reason which is making you ask some time, that I can think of is you are holding on to someone.

 If that is the case, talk to them, confront what they feel, because if you are waiting for a perfect time, that ain’t coming ever sweetheart!! There is nothing such as a “perfect time” for anything, you have to create that perfect time by yourself. Take the first step irrespective of your gender, may be your companion isn’t comfortable in taking the first step and is waiting for you to do so! Go ahead, spread some magic and see what your fate has to offer. Either of the two things will happen, 

i.) They will admit to what they feel and it will be a happily ever after;

ii.) They will admit to what they feel and you will feel heart-broken.

To the ii.) situation, don’t panic, don’t feel disheartened, accept and move-on  with a smile, at least you tried and you did what best you could to have the one you thought is your “Happily Ever-after”.

Moving forward to the most important and common answer to the question that Why I don’t want to get married!! (including abhi and never) which I have also been saying to everyone; “I am not prepared”!! Many of us are in the age where our parents think that we should get married because this is the right age (as they have their reasons to believe so, which are somewhere correct. HOLD ON, don’t kill me for saying this!! I don’t mean they are 100% correct!! Phew!!).

We all have given this lame expression to them.. Huh!! What do you mean that our age is right? No No, I don’t want to get married for at least a year or two, we have to settle in our streams first, I don’t think that I will be able to keep my counter part happy, I don’t think I am meant for it, I have to do this, I have to do that, etc.etc. All of us gets hit by chill vibes in our body when we hear the word “SHADI”/”MARRIAGE”; we turn pale and we run from such conversations.

Marriage is nothing but a over hyped word for a companion who is your friend cum family cum everything in every situation FOR LIFE. A quote I read somewhere defines the bond that marriage is about very sweetly ; “marriage is a sleepover for life with your favorite weirdo” Take a second and think!! Isn’t it true? You have someone all for yourself, with whom you can sit for hours, discuss your day, your upcoming projects, your dreams and the manner you are working to achieve them, someone you can trust with your finances, someone that puts a smile on after a bad day, Someone whom you can hug like you hug your mom anytime without thinking! Its like having “A FRIEND WHO UNDERSTANDS YOUR EVERY MOOD AND IS WILLING TO BE A PART OF IT; NO MATTER WHAT” more like they have literally signed for all the adventures life has to throw with a promise of holding on until you get through.


Think about these situation that life will put you through:

i.) There will come a point where you won’t have your parents, your siblings will be busy in their own life;

ii.) There will come a point where you will have a feeling of having someone with whom you can bitch, you can feel cosy, you can do anything and everything, a someone who is just for you (this goes both ways);

iii.) A stage where you want to have someone whom you can trust blindly and can feel dependent on;

iv.) Time when you realize you someone who can use her/his positives to cover your negative and vice versa;

v.) When you look around and see all your friends who said they are here for you have family to look after first and you are left alone, sitting in your garden, sipping tea, with no one but yourself.

These are little facts of life that everyone will face time to time. All we have to do is give a wise thought and chose the right path that we won’t regret later. 

I would like to quote what my mother said to me once, “Be a clean slate and let that someone write you a amazing lifetime of happiness”

Happiness and sorrow will be part of your way,

Holding on to each other is what you should pray,

Nothing more is beautiful than having someone that will stay,

Give a chance and see how you are paid,

Adventure in the high tide and waves,

Everything will be fun with them,

And you will feel content,

All you have to do is

be a “Clean Slate”!!



A dear friend of mine said something to me which made a lasting impact on my mind; he said;

“Almost everything is an illusion, until its not!!” 

When applied to life’s everyday situation, it fits perfectly. Isn’t it? Why don’t you take a second and think about any situation which is bothering you currently and relate the above statement. I did, and trust me, I was clam instantly.

What we do is, we overthink things, we want that everything around us should be exactly the way that we want it to be but what we forget is that almost everybody is thinking the same, so how can it be your way? Rather we should just start flowing with the flow! This doesn’t mean that you have to accept whatever comes to you even if you don’t wish to, you have a free will to choose, to analyze, it is about what you decide.

People will come and they may go, what is absolute is that they will surely make you learn something more. They will teach you things that you never ever explored which will definitely help you grow. Similar is with circumstances, not every circumstances will last forever, it will change!!

All we have to understand is the difference between illusion and reality. Sadness, Anger, Rage, Happiness, etc, etc, cooking in our mind, is just an illusion, until its not in real. We are selfish human beings, we say we are rational but are we?


He came, He smiled,

She started feeling divine!

He cared, He caressed,

She made a lot in her mind!

He left and never looked back,

She almost denied!

But soon she realized,

“Almost everything is an illusion”,

We just have to find !  


That Unknown Path!


There are times in life when we come across such questions in our mind; “What next Yaar?”, “Why always me?”, “Why not me?”, “What wrong did I do?”, “When will my time come?”, “When will I find the one I am looking for?”,“When will I have what I am chasing?” etc. etc.

Twenty Five years of my life, even I wondered so many “WHY?”; But in the end I realized that our life is similar to a “puzzle”, who’s pieces are distributed throughout our life cycle. We meet and greet the puzzle pieces and think that our picture is complete. Oh dear! let me tell you, not yet! it is not that easier.

All we have to do is accept the situation and be thankful for everything. Smile and picture that you are adding another piece to your Life. See where it fits, enjoy its making, also, the mistakes of fitting it to the most obvious parts and discover, Damn! no not here, it belongs there and when you will finally feel accomplished, life will throw another piece at you, start from the scratch, this time with some additional clues.

Situations in life will not always be the same as Change is the only constant. Whenever you feel low or alone or defeated just have faith in the lord and remember Life is full of ;

Unknown path,

Unknown people,

Unknown destination.

Just walk by the streets,

all along the windy breeze.

Keep faith in your journey,

Just walk re-affirming,

that every thing happened for a reason yet to see!